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We are uniquely united to travel the same road, in the same direction. Stay together. Outwardly and inwardly, ‘we have one Master, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who rules over all, works through all and is present in all.’

Everything you think and do is permeated with oneness. That doesn’t mean we should all look, speak, and act the same. He has called us to more than this. Out of the generosity of Christ, each is given his or her own gift.  As the believers, we must be focused, purpose driven, and on fire to find the things that God has called us into. Accept our differences. Respect our differences. Build to the place has God trusted us to. Souls that are waiting to encounter God!

My prayer for you, Marketplace, is to get ready. God is preparing and equipping us to do a work. The finished package, when unwrapped, won’t make much sense to a lot of people. This ministry needs those who are willing to work, without it making sense to the status quo, to tradition, or to religious systems, but are willing to be open and to go into the places God is calling us to.  We must be able to build and seek His face for what He is about to do.

He’s calling us…to provide transitional housing, open grocery stores, launch community initiatives, open schools, medical centers, gas stations, and car lots in our own community.

He’s calling us…to build a system in a community that won’t be broken by change because it does not depend on the system to exist and be established, but depends on His grace and on what He has released into the earth to be available for his people so they will see His hand in our efforts.

He’s calling us to build a Marketplace!


I love you.

Apostle J. Orlando Gardner-Bailey

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